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Maximize your impact, Make powerful connections and increase your business!



Imagine what your business, career and life will be like...

Imagine how much more you'll be able to accomplish...

When you utilize and leverage the most powerful tool available to us.

Imagine having your business grow exponentially doing only what you want to, while leveraging the vast resources of this proven approach.

Imagine the high trust powerful and productive relationships you're going to build while having fun, and helping others.

Imagine being of service, while building the framework and network of growth and prosperity.

What would it also be like to leave a significant legacy, a positive long-term impact on the world - while enjoying this amazing lifestyle and lucrative income?

But I wonder... is there something more?

I imagine that you're just a little bit different. You're not here to simply build something good... You are here to build something Truly Extra-Ordinary.

If you've been dreaming about taking your business to the next level, to reach the pinnacle of RESULTS, you're about to discover EXACTLY how you're going to make it happen. 


Hi... I'm Kim Orlesky, and i'd love you to meet Shawn Shewchuk, known as the "fun business guy" to his friends. He's the founder and CEO of multi-million dollar Change Your Results! and a bestselling author. He's also the Creator of "The Matrixx Mastermind", a mastermind and mentoring program for leaders ready to maximize their income and impact... by building more profitable businesses and positive wealth, through powerful productive relationships. 


And it's not just about money, is it? 


You're looking to have an IMPACT... by serving thousands (dare I say millions?) of people!


Check out these Amazing Results...

Holly Sorgen

"Taking my ideas from simple to amazing in 10 minutes has been absolutely fantastic!"

Wade Greentree

"Please do yourself a favor and get involved. You will not regret it! Make life long friends and build your business."

Christan Hiscock

"We've just seen so much massive growth in our business because of the people we have connected with..."

Lisa Soloway

"I've got so many great ideas from members of our group that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise that will excel me where I want to go..."

Paul Kazanofski

"I can't stress enough on how important it is to be able to be in a mastermind group!"

You Get What You Put In

Let's call a spade a spade, here. This is not a "Magic Pill Promise" kind of program. You'll get out of The Matrixx Mastermind... what you put into it. If you're too busy to participate with Shawn, the kind of success Shawn can help you achieve is going to pass you by. (I'll also say, if you feel you have no time to participate... you REALLY need this program because that's a HUGE structural issue with your company.)

On the other hand, if you've decided once and for all that you really want a multi-million dollar business that impacts people worldwide... if you're serious... then working with Shawn... there is no way you can fail.

This position isn't meant to be harsh or to put you off - but Shawn is really serious about getting results WITH you. He is 100% committed to it.

(Please Note: I said with you and not FOR you. Shawn will work together WITH you but he needs your FULL PARTICIPATION & PARTNERSHIP to ensure your success.)

Program Enrollment is By Application Only!

A Team That Fits You!

Thousands of people have expressed interest in working with Shawn in a private, personalized arrangement like this... but Shawn can only accept those that are TRULY ready to make The Matrixx Mastermind work for themselves.

This is NOT false scarcity here. The space in this program is limited. Shawn wants to deliver top-notch, high performance results for You and your business. There is only one way he can deliver on this promise, by keeping the group intimate... and filled with the RIGHT Leaders!

Introducing... "The Matrixx Mastermind"

Scroll down to see what's included in your 12 MONTH MATRIXX MEMBERSHIP.

4 Live Mastermind Weekend Events (These are the #1 reason you're here)

Shawn's experience and extensive research has shown that we are more productive, our ability to learn is enhanced, we absorb faster when our environment is different. You'll spend an entire weekend every quarter with Shawn, and your colleagues (accomplices in your success). Each of the 4 weekends will be in a different and unique location in North America. These exclusive weekend events are driven by you and your business. This is where real transformation happens.

Build Your Foundation

The planning for your business, life and relationships all starts with support. You need architectural stability, this starts to come together in the first master class with Shawn. He deftly guilds you through a fool-proof system, enabling you to construct foundational structures necessary to support where you are GOING, not where you currently are. 

Module 1, First Quarter: Leverage The Power of the Mastermind:

Shawn will share with you what Napoleon Hill described as "the most powerful" tool available to us. His proven approach, built on one of the oldest and most trusted methodologies known to us, will dramatically transform your business, life and relationships in ways that you can't yet fathom. Mr. Hill let us in on a secret, he said something like this, you can accomplish more in a year with the mastermind, than you can in a lifetime on your own. POWERFUL!

Module 2, Second Quarter: Complete Your Customized Destination:

Here you'll outline the point form structure of your company, direction and life - including the tailored strategy, the approach and responsibilities necessary to realize on your step-by-step blueprint. Shawn and your MATRIXX team assist you to design your personal "BluePrint" in a way that allows you to achieve more while collapsing time frames... More in less time!

Module 3, Third Quarter: Success to Significance

You are already successful, what's next? Shawn will guide you through a series of 3 little known practices that will substantially arguement what you are currently doing, you'll experience the RESULTS you want faster. More importantly, Shawn will give you the answers, which will take you from "Success to Significance."

Module 4, Fourth Quarter: Results Progression Plan:

You already have most of the tools to get moving. Progressive Growth is a recipe, and Shawn will share his proven methodology based on human behavior and psychology. His real-life experience with literally thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses, will allow you to flourish in your initiatives now and in the future. It's not about sustaining. It's about calculated and deliberate growth. You'll never again wonder how to keep the momentum going, you'll be equipped to develop extra-ordinary processes that will give you everything you need. 


You'll get access to the business blueprint, the real marketing model, and Shawn's "Message Out" formula. We've done the work so you don't have to.

the SPEED OF IMPLEMENTATION is the reason that some succeed while others remain stuck in the trap of "status quo". Napoleon Hill once said something to the effect that truly successful people make near instant decisions, and rarely if ever change their minds. Shawn has spent a great deal of time working towards perfecting (failing forward) the MATRIXX Mastermind. As he'll soon share with you, in person "you need to jump off the building and grow wings on the way down."

You'll soon have access to Shawn's truly remarkable level of business IQ, plus his unique and rare ability to match you with exactly the fastest route to the successful fulfillment of your objectives.

Start Today and Enjoy These 3 Additional Elements!

12 Personal Group Mentoring Sessions

We know you're committed, and so is Shawn. Each month, he'll speak with you personally during LIVE personal group mentoring sessions. You'll cover any and all questions about the Module you're currently working on, in addition to giving you clarity on ANY other element you have questions about.

With Shawn as your Mentor, you'll NEVER be alone in this program. Making the leap into this level of exponential growth requires a safety net. Rest assured Shawn will be that for you by generously sharing everything he knows on your 12 month journey.

TWO VIP Experience tickets to 2-day Millionaire Marketing Impact LIVE!!

Valued at $2000

If you're not already leveraging the power of the 3-Pronged marketing approach, you're about to learn the how and the why! Millionaire Marketing Impact is a 2-day Live Event designed to show you exactly how to attract, sell or enroll your ideal clients.


You'll learn...

  • How to build the best platform from which to launch any initiative
  • How to stand OUT and get the attention of your ideal clients
  • The BEST ways to get people to engage with you and your message
  • Tried and tested tactics to fill your funnel
  • To build engagement that lasts
  • How Shawn built multiple businesses and been profitable in 90 days or less
  • ...and MUCH more!


You'll learn...

  • Why you need to be THE authority (TOP of MIND) in your space
  • What to do next, once you have the attention of your ideal clients
  • How to elevate your lifetime brand
  • The most effective way to turn first time clients into lifetime clients, and why
  • Structures & systems of WHEN to sell to your potential clients
  • Guidelines of how much to give away to sell effortlessly
  • Everything Shawn knows to move your prospects into BUYERS

Private Acces to Our Members Only Facebook Group

You'll also get lifetime access to the private Facebook group only for members of The Matrixx Mastermind! You'll have 24/7 access to Shawn and other members (your accomplices) for instant feedback on any and all challenges you have as you progress. This may touch any aspect of your progress as you move through the program. 

What Happens If We Feel It Is A Fit?

Once you've had a chance to ask any/all questions you have regarding The Matrixx Mastermind... if all parties are excited to move forward, you'll be given your options for completing the remainder of the investment. 

There Are Many Brilliant People Who Will Never Realize Their Goals Or Dreams Because They...

If you are ready - finally ready - to start living the way you were intended to, you should definitely join Shawn and a small group of other like-minded, high level Entrepreneurs and High Achievers in The Matrixx Mastermind!

If you're not ready to roll up your sleeves and claim your place, be prepared t o watch others take your place on the "Results Express".

If you're not ready to say "yes!" (knowing you're covered by full program guarantee) you may be turning your back on the results you desire and deserve.

Seize this moment and watch your vision lead other people to buy into your results.

Here's Your Next Step!

We need to get on the phone to determine if this program is a FIT for you... so, please click through to make a small deposit of $497 so we know you're serious... your deposit, of course, is 100% refundable in the event either party determines we don't have a fit.

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